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Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology is a gentle and non-invasive holistic treatment suitable for all ages and can help with most physical conditions. Resulting from a combination of the wisdom of ancient healing techniques with traditional reflexology methods and modern neuro-anatomy, a course of treatment will naturally stimulate collagen and elastin from the inside, tighten, plump, sculpt the neck line and smooth and lift the face. 

Our face, like our feet and hands, has points and areas which are connected to every area of the body. By stimulating a point or area of the face, a direct response occurs in the corresponding area of the body and helps to balance the corresponding body part and stimulates the body's healing process. 

What are the benefits of Facial Reflexology?

Each treatment helps to release endorphins, which promote a calmer mind providing the client with a deep sense of relaxation. While working in the face, circulation and nerve supply are improved as does lymphatic drainage, which provides clients with a naturally glowing complexion. Treatments also stimulate collagen and elastin, which gives the affect of tighter and plumper skin. 

What is the Bergman Method?

I trained with Ziggie Bergman, founder of 'The Bergman Method' of facial reflexology, which is based on William Fitzgerald's theory of 'Zone Therapy' and uses Native American techniques along with Asian body mapping. The Hip and Healthy magazine described the Bergman Method as a 'deeply relaxing, anti-ageing treatment that eliminates the need for Botox and offers a natural alternative to dermal fillers. 

What is Sorensensistem?

I have also trained with Lone Sorenson to use the specific techniques of Facial Reflex Therapy 'Sorensensistem', which Lone developed over 30 years of research through her international institute. This method also stimulates reflex points by using gentle facial massage techniques. The specific techniques used for this method have been devised and trademarked by Lone Sorenson. In addition to reflex points, the method can also include stimulation of nerve points and zones on the face and scalp. The effectiveness of Sorensensitem is found in its ability to encourage the individual's natural healing processes to help maintain the health and balance of the whole body.  

What to expect during a treatment?

Before treatment commences, clients are asked to remove any jewelry around the neck & ears.  They will then lie on a comfortable treatment bed or chair. I start the treatment removing the face makeup or any skin impurities with a hot towel and apply a  wonderful facial oil. Then the magic begins! The first treatment lasts 1.5hrs as it involves a detailed consultation and subsequent treatments are 1hr. 

How much does it cost? 

£45   per treatment

£60   for longer treatments (up to 1hour 30minutes)

£240 for a course of six treatments

£30   forTaster/Power reflexology treatments  (up to 30 minutes)

Zone Face Lift Treatment - please enquiry

Book an appointment now at Bristol Natural Therapy Services (407 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8TS) by emailing me ( or phoning/texting me on 07941 535 586. 

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