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18th December 2017 

Frequently Asked Questions

Integrated Energy is a blend of traditional therapeutic principles with effective techniques that support personal change, such as EFT (Tapping), NLP or hypnosis. By using IET I aim to help yo to release suppressed feelings which can be the reasons that prevent you from achieving what you may want to achieve in life. When we affected by either physical or emotional stressess, the flow of energy through our body becomes restricted or blocked leading us, at times, to develop physical illnesses.

As a client the need to feel safe, understood and listened to is essential - indeed we believe that these are the foundations that make it possible for change and healing to take place. IET Practitioners have something extra, in addition to their skills and learning, and that is the integrity and authenticity that comes from their own commitment to a personal journey.

Integrated Energy Techniques are a safe, gentle, nurturing way to empower and balance your life by helping you release patterns of the past for good. Energy techniques can painlessly help you to identify your deeply suppressed feelings and can be used to:
Increase your sense of well-being, life purpose, happiness, creativity, health and prosperity
Have more fulfilling, loving relationships in all areas of your life
Support your self-healing at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
identify traumatic events in your life and work through them, such as dependencies or childhood abuse.
Remove blocks and limitations so that you are empowered to live your best life

Tapping / EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or "tapping" is a way of working with different kinds of difficulties, with profound results. Tapping involves stimulating acupressure points on the head, face and body, by tapping gently, whilst talking through an issue, pain or difficulty. EFT is a powerful tool and once you've learnt the basics you can then apply them anywhere!

EFT can, and has, successfully been used to treat conditions such as:
Abuse Issues
Addictions and Cravings
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Chronic Fatigue Syndrom (CFS)
Compulsions and Obsessions
Depression and Sadness
Fears and Phobias
Grief and Loss
Pain Management
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Relationship issues
Self-image issues
Traumatic Memories ...and many more